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As an individual’s spirituality grows, her/his need or desire for alcohol or drugs lessens. Sessions at Clayton Lee Counseling have spiritual focus sections to enable clients to grow in this critical area.

When alcohol and drugs become a focus for seeking happiness, relief from anxiety, sadness and other emotions…
When grief becomes so heavy you feel you’ve gained a hundred pounds…
When anger and rage become ways of dealing life’s unpredictable twists & turns…
When you wake up to fear, anxiety, dread…

When you reach that place where you know there must be something better, it is then your inner voice, the messenger of God, is asking you to reach out. You do not need to know what you are reaching for, or figure out why your life isn’t working. All you need to do is be willing to try something different – in that moment of deep yearning.

There are talents, gifts, joys bestowed to you by God that you have not yet discovered, have forgotten, under appreciate, have not accepted. There is a glow inside you that has been hidden, dimmed by disappointment, substances, poor choices – for too long. There is a life so amazing and filled with love and peace that is waiting for you. Right now.

Clayton Lee Counseling Services works with clients to find what is blocking their spiritual gifts, their rightful inheritance, then work to remove the blocks and resistance that is keeping you from moving forward. This is accomplished by listening and talking free from judgments, use of  meditation, music, prayers, guided meditations, session and dynamic exercises all tailored to your specific needs.

Guided visualization, meditation and prayer can help clients reconnect and reestablish their relationship with God.

If your life feels like you are lost in dark woods, we will walk with you, hold the space and light so you can see where best to place your next step. As you feel safe, trust, see and believe, God (Higher Power) will facilitate the wonderful life changes you were destined to live and enjoy.



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