Hypnosis – A Gentle Bridge For Improving Your Life

Clayton Lee is a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is a safe, fast method for dealing with an individual’s resistance to change, to let go of something, to improve their life. Hypnosis as practiced by Clayton Lee Counseling Services falls into the following primary categories, depending on the needs of the client – conversational, guided meditation, guided creative visualization, light & deeper hypnotic state work such as regressive hypnosis, and Autogenic Training hypnosis.

Guided creative visualization allows clients to combine emotion with guided meditation to  create rapid positive changes in their lives. This is a powerful technique that brings very positive feelings, and often tears of sheer joy.

Regressive hypnosis can allow an individual to view an earlier in life event from a safe vantage point, which can allow new perspective, breakthrough and healing.

Clayton Lee is also trained in Autogenic Training hypnosis, which has been the subject of more than 60 clinical studies dating back to 1980. In 2002, a meta-analysis of 60 studies was published in Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback,[5] finding significant positive effects of treatment … and finding positive additional effects by patients, including their perceived quality of life.

Clayton Lee Counseling Services also utilizes hypnosis in helping clients discover, define and improve talents & abilities that they may not be fully aware of, that have gone under appreciated, or even forgotten.

Improvements in confidence and self esteem are two benefits many experience as a result of hypnosis sessions. When an individual gains awareness of how and when their resistance is holding them back, they are open for personal and relationship breakthroughs, increased energy levels, optimized creativity, and much more.

Through hypnosis, clients can successfully experience stopping addictions, weight loss, stop smoking, relief from undue anxiety, and begin healing life limiting emotions such as chronic grief, recurring anger, or resentment toward a person, institution or event. Hypnosis can serve to help an individual let go of and release negative thoughts, beliefs and strongholds. These pleasant, relaxing hypnosis sessions can help restore long term feelings of peace, joy and acceptance and become a person’s normal state of being.


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