Clayton Lee, CHt, LCDC

Clayton Lee, CHt, LCDC, maintains a positive, vibrant Private Practice of Counseling, Hypnosis and Meditation Instruction for clients with alcohol & drug issues, and other issues for which he is certified to treat.  Clayton has been active in 12 Step Recovery and other self improvement programs, groups and workshops for more than thirty seven years.

  • Private Practice LCDC (Alcohol & Drug Issues) 2010 – 2019
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) State of Texas
    Note: State License (LCDC – Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor)
    Listed Under Full Name: “Robert Clayton Lee”
  • Certified in Co-Occurring Disorders (aka Dual Diagnosis/and Dual Disorder)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist CHt 1996 – 2019 (Alcohol & Drug Issues, Stop Smoking, Relationships, Autogenic Training for Stress/Anxiety and Other Issues, Self Esteem-Confidence, Weight Loss, Anger Issues, Etc.
  • Autogenic Training Methods are a Cost Effective – Free of Side Effects, Medically Recognized Form of Hypnosis to Treat Stress and Anxiety 2017
    Autogenic Training produces a profound state of peace and relaxation
  • Certified in Tobacco Cessation Treatment (Stop Smoking & all tobacco use) 2019
  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction, Progressive Relaxation, Meditation Instruction, Autogenic Training, Guided Meditation, Creative Visualization, New & Traditional Hypnosis techniques are used to augment and improve client treatment plans
  • Certified Meditation Instructor – Four decades of personal meditation practice, research & teaching others
  • Certified Grief and Bereavement Counselor – with over 2000 hours personal work and training in Heartwork program
  • Certified Anger Therapist – Healing Anger Includes Healing Grief, Trauma and Abandonment Issues
  • Certified Stress Reduction Instructor – Freedom from Stress and Anxiety
  • Facilitator of Family Genetics – Family Constellations – Family Systems
  • SASSI I & II Certified to Administer and Score, and Perform Clinical Interpretation (SASSI: Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory)
  • Clinical Program Director and Lead Counselor Kingwood Recovery Center in Kingwood, Texas, prior to its closing
  • Honor Graduate, BA – University of Texas at Austin
  • Invented Orbiter Treadmill http://www.orbitertreadmill.com during rehab, following near crippling knee injury and extensive reconstructive surgery
  • Founded ORBITER company to research, manufacture and market Orbiter Treadmill
  • Invented treadmill attachment (Jupiter™) product for body strengthening and shaping
  • Own multiple patents for Orbiter and Jupiter™,  physical therapy/fitness products
  • Own copyrights on several self-created & developed intellectual properties
  • Clean and sober (alcohol 11/17/1981 and drugs 7/14/1982) 37 years
  • Tobacco-free 12/1/1982 36 years
  • Three plus year of 12 Step participation – Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA), Alanon, CoDependents Anonymous (CODA), Lifeway International
  • Steering Committee Member in Lifeway International for Sugar Land Parents Group – Alternative Peer Group (APG) Recovery – Two years active attendance & participation
  • Heartwork – Active participation & continued use of principals learned 2001 – 2019
  • Co-founded monthly 8+ hour group based on Heartwork teachings 2004 – 2013
  • Landmark Forum 1996.
    Landmark Advanced Course 1996
    – Ten Week Landmark Forum Seminar Program 1996 – 1997
    – Ten Week Landmark Velocity Course (not currently offered by Landmark) 1997
  • Married 32 years
  • Wife clean & sober 33 years
  • Christian – Attend Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas with wife, family, friends
  • Raised Episcopalian in St. Mark’s Church, Houston, Texas http://stmarks-houston.org
  • Tres Dias Fall 2012 – Southeast Texas Tres Dias: “An adult weekend which aims to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. While TRES DIAS explores the basic Christian beliefs, it is best described as a spiritual encounter with Christ. Many who have attended the weekend have experienced a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ as they sense His love in a dynamic way.”
  • My second daughter and her husband are both active in 12 Step recovery, clean & sober 23 and 29 years respectively.

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