Personal Hypnosis Mp3

Personal Hypnosis MP3 Recordings
Custom Produced For Your 

Hypnosis MP3 Recordings
Now You Can Erase, Reverse and Replace Negative Thoughts, Beliefs & Strongholds With Your Own Personal Proclamations & Blessings Recording
With or Without A Hypnosis Lead-In

Negative Thoughts, Beliefs & Strongholds Are Often Embedded In A Person’s Consciousness at an Early Formative Age.
Life Events and Past Relationships Can Also Cause Unwanted Lingering Negativity.
This Can Limit You From Being All God Meant You To Be.

Automatic Improvement Possible
Your Brain Can Become More Positive, More Effective, Less Fear, Reduced Stress

Created With Your Preferences and Input
MP3 Produced Uniquely For You and Your Particular Issues and Needs 

Positive Thoughts, Beliefs & Strongholds
Eliminate and Replace Negative Thoughts, Beliefs & Strongholds
Turn Negative Limiting Thoughts, Beliefs and Strongholds into
Power-Packed Personal Declarations and Blessings
Professionally Produced Mp3 or CD 

Each Personal Hypnosis Recording Is Unique – Just For You 
Choice of Male or Female Voice – A Real Human Voice – Not a Robot
Daytime and Nighttime Use Recordings Available

The Process
1. You Contact Us by:
(a) Phone: 713-906-2221
(b) Text: 713-906-2221; or
(c) Email: [email protected]
You will be provided a personal questionnaire designed to help you identify
what you need, what you want, what you don’t want, the negative beliefs, thoughts and strongholds holding you back from being everything God made you to be.
(d) You complete the questionnaire and return via email.
(e) A 60 minute counseling session will be set to go over your questionnaire and any thoughts or requests you may have had since completing it.
(f) A written draft of your autogenic recording will then be emailed to you.
(g) You OK the draft, making any changes you want and send back to us.
(h) We then produce your Autogenic (Day or Nighttime) Recording
(i) One week or less later you will receive an email containing your MP3 recording.


Evening & Weekend Sessions Available
PayPal and Major Credit Cards Accepted

Call, Text or Email to Make Appointment
or If You Have Additional Questions

Contact: 713-906-2221 (Tel or Text)
Email: [email protected]
Please email or text 713-906-2221 for physical address