Houston Alcohol & Drug Counseling

In my Confidential Private Practice, clients relax, grow and heal in an atmosphere of deep caring, absolute respect, and nonjudgmental compassion. In this safe, relaxed space you can let go of resistance, become motivated and hopeful about your life & future.  You will find wonderful life possibilities being free of addiction, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, anger, grief, resentments, stress, anxiety.  Walking with, listening to and holding a life-changing belief for you is my passion. I will teach you the tools to change your life from where you are – to being more meaningful & fulfilling. I thank God for the honor of helping you find and live in happiness and freedom.

I work with alcohol & drug clients as well as clients in other areas of my License and Certifications. I’m a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor with Certification in Co-Occurring Disorders.

Certified in Hypnosis – With Training in Medical Hypnosis Techniques, and Autogenic Methods.

And also Certified in: Tobacco Cessation, Stress Reduction, Meditation Instruction, Anger and Grief.

With Specific Training to Facilitatate Individual and Group Sessions for Systemic Family Systems, also known as Family Constellations.

I’ve been where you are – now with 38 years sober, clean and tobacco free.  Married 34 years.  My private office is your safe, confidential, nonjudgmental and relaxing space for you to tell me your story and heal your issues.  I will be there for you and help you succeed in achieving your goals for a happier life.  Call, email, or text me today. I promise, you’ll be happy you had the courage to take action!  Call Now:  713-906-2221

Clayton Lee Counseling, Hypnosis and Meditation
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